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Eastbourne Escapade

Trad: 14 Multi: 5 Puzzle: 3 Challenge: 1
Walked: 6 miles

Caching friend Kitty!! needed to visit her mum in Eastbourne today, and the journey can be a bit of a drag on your own. So she asked if I wanted a lift so I could find a few caches while she dealt with family business. I jumped at the chance.

Colourful Beach Huts
Colourful Beach Huts

I decided the way to travel would be by geobike – thankfully it folds up small and fitted in Kitty’s car perfectly. It was quite hard work pedalling along the prom – the wind was ferocious! But I managed to find plenty of caches along the way.

Geobike Near The Pier
Geobike Near The Pier

The pier is a little more sad than when I last saw it – a couple of weeks before the fire destroyed half of it. At least they are beginning to sort it out again now.

Walking On The Prom
Walking On The Prom

It was a nice day out and enjoyable to keep Kitty company for the journey there and back. I hope we can do it again soon.

Day #339 – West Sussex Trio

Trad: 1 Challenge: 1 Virtual: 1
Walked: 3.6 miles

After attending a funeral of a local geocacher early this afternoon, I headed off to West Sussex for my planned trip away. On the way to Chichester, I stopped off to look for three Challenge caches, the Well-Rounded Cacher Challenge Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Unfortunately, I bombed out on Bronze (now proven missing and subsequently replaced) and Silver (just too much vegetation to search in the pouring rain). But I finally struck GOLD – wasn’t sure how, but there it was! Phew.

Well-Rounded Cacher Challenge - Gold
Well-Rounded Cacher Challenge – Gold

Nearer where I was staying, I climbed up Trundle Hill to bag a brace – an old Virtual and Trad. I got there to find the cloud base was almost the same height as the hill, and the wind was howling, but both caches were in the bag.

Trundle One (West Sussex)
Trundle One (West Sussex) – There’s The Trig Point!
Trundle Tots (West Sussex)
Trundle Tots (West Sussex) – Windswept Up Here!

Satisfied with today’s finds, I headed off to my hotel to warm up and have some dinner.